A Method of Protecting Thank You Pages that Sucks!

One of the biggest challenges faced by most newbie online marketers (me too!) is, “How do I protect download/thank you page(s) of my online store?”. Premium plugins/softwares, hard-coded PHP scripts and simple PHP scripts are out there to get it done. Here is an another way that suggested by some webmasters (even ClickBank suggest it!).

Here is the principle of this security method,

You can secure your download/thank you pages by fooling both search engine robots and general human visitors. Then security is complete. Why? Both human and search engines can’t find your thank you page because you fool them!

How to Fool Them?

Only two steps and takes only less than five minutes!

  1. Give your Thank You Page URL an obscure file name something like “ghn4tr4j6f4j54ty84je44hj8sd.html” (it should not be something like thankyou.htm, which is too easy to guess).
  2. Inserting the “nofollow” and “noindex” in the <HEAD> element of your Thank You Page should prevent a search engine robot from indexing that page or following links on that page:

That’s it, you’re done!

Now, your thank you page couldn’t find by human because of obscure file name. Search engine robots couldn’t find it because of “noindex” and “nofollow” attributes.

Is this actually works?

Beware of Hackers!

Tons of “talented” hackers out there. They can easily find your thank you page (even you named it something like dy445tuy4k4aewr54etit2326il.html).

Because the thank you page does not protected with any security software/plugin or script, what will happen if they post your thank you page in a public blog or a forum/discussion board?

Resulting thousands of visitors, hundreds of downloads, tons of bandwidth usage but no sales!

You can fool visitors, you can search engine spiders, but you can not fool “talented” “hackers”!

Please stay away from this method of protecting  thank you pages that sucks!


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