500 Internal Server Error: I Solved it! How?

500 Internal Server Error

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About 12 hour ago, last night, when I trying to access to my website at Word Processing Apps dot-com it triggered an Internal Server Error (error 500). I just ignored it that time because I was think that is a temporary error occurred due to some sever-side problems. I again tried to access today morning, but the problem is remained same. Finally I decided to contact my web hosting and domain service provider. I opened a support ticket and typed my question. Just before submitting mu support ticket, I saw some help articles just below the webpage. I found an article called “About HTTP Server Error 500“. I read it, thanks LKWebHosting, I corrected my 500 Internal Server Error!

How did I?

The article said “These errors can be sorted very easily by getting in to cPanel and by checking the error logs such error can be sorted.” So I logged in to cPanel and access to Error Log section.

After accessing Error log, I investigated it few minutes. Eureka… I FOUND THE REASON FOR 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR..! Look at the following error log entry.

[Sun Jul 15 05:33:10 2012] [error] [client xx.xxx.xxx.xxx] SoftException in Application.cpp:xxx: Directory “/home/user/public_html” is writeable by group

My root directory is writable by group, nothing beyond that. My hosting provider suggest me to change file permission to 755. I already knew well about altering file permissions.

I accessed to file manager; opened Home directory, checked file permissions. It was obvious, file permissions of public_html was 777.

How did I change the file permissions?

Simply select the folder, I this case, it was public_html, and selectedChange permissions from the toolbar

Hmm… my public_html folder was writable by group and file permission was 777!

I disabled permission to write for both Group and World and saved it.

Got it! My website is started working properly!

The main reason for 500 Internal Server Error is altering file permission of ftp folders (specially in public_html folder) Sometimes it can me lover than 755 (e.g. not readable by group). Check file permission of public_html folder. If it is other than 755, change it to 755 to correct the 500 internal Server Error. It just worked for me…


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