500 Internal Server Error!

Is solving this error simple? How to solve 500 Internal Server Error


500 Internal Server Error: I Solved it! How?

500 Internal Server Error

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About 12 hour ago, last night, when I trying to access to my website at Word Processing Apps dot-com it triggered an Internal Server Error (error 500). I just ignored it that time because I was think that is a temporary error occurred due to some sever-side problems. I again tried to access today morning, but the problem is remained same. Finally I decided to contact my web hosting and domain service provider. I opened a support ticket and typed my question. Just before submitting mu support ticket, I saw some help articles just below the webpage. I found an article called “About HTTP Server Error 500“. I read it, thanks LKWebHosting, I corrected my 500 Internal Server Error! Continue reading

A Method of Protecting Thank You Pages that Sucks!

One of the biggest challenges faced by most newbie online marketers (me too!) is, “How do I protect download/thank you page(s) of my online store?”. Premium plugins/softwares, hard-coded PHP scripts and simple PHP scripts are out there to get it done. Here is an another way that suggested by some webmasters (even ClickBank suggest it!). Continue reading

Just Added Author Information Box in My Website – Sounds Cool?

Didn’t I mentioned that “I am a WordPress addict”? Oh sorry dear, I’m really a WordPress addict. One of my WordPress driven websites at Word Processing Apps uses Live Wire theme (designed by Sami Keijonen). This theme didn’t have an author information box by default. But I needed one to display author information at the end of each post. I found some useful WordPress plugins to do that but I disliked to install a plugin for a such simple task. Continue reading